Fiber cable installation phase of the project , which begins with the first step . At this point the project should be examined by a team of experts to do what in terms of workmanship or materials to be used and modified for accurate detection is of great importance .


A system in terms of how the project will run over fiber optic cable should be studied carefully . At this point about fiber optic field have information as well as the system will be implemented active devices called as IT and telecommunications equipment about knowledges , the project correctly apply terms is extremely important . In the second stage the above-mentioned studies and analysis starting from the project, according to the fiber optic cable selection, installation will be of the site survey, cable routing will be used in HDPE (PE channel) structural features and assembly to do track the status of such factors by analyzing the necessary work is done .

These stages are connected to the project along with a lot of detail and it is possible to talk about the process . Erat Telecom project, starting from the stage of system quality and experience necessary to work smoothly , the team serves and equipment .