Erat Telecom; Since the establishment of competitive advantage is rapidly evolving and changing, invested with the power of the brain is aware obtained. Excellence in all activities and increasing the value of high performance and development has been identified as the main principle.

Excellence in all activities and increasing the value of high performance and development has been identified as the main principle. We age, gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, political approach and the provision of equal employment opportunities regardless of physical condition sincerely believe in the necessity.


This policy; Our group of job recruitment and placement, promotion, change of status from employee wages and other benefits related to the education of several applications until the election is valid for all phases of our business lives. Considering the moral and material rights of our employees to share information on individual and corporate values; Qualified, to ensure a peaceful and warm working environment is our main purpose.

Our Company; have the knowledge, the use of technological systems and produce original products through national production sector has taken its rightful place. For our employees, transparent and equitable management policy of the company by their commitment to prioritize and development that we have the brain power to maintain basic criteria that there bilincindeyiz.hedefi our consistently high, keeping it operates in the sectors leading building will maintain its differences by creating a permanent rule, it supplies become a global brand, and this success to share with all our employees are our basic principles .

its way to becoming a global brand; improving employee motivation of all our employees to ensure equal opportunities, human resources constitute the main pillars of our approach. Human Resources Policy was created with this vision; In line with the Group's strategic plans and objectives to meet the manpower needs of this power in the most efficient evaluation and is intended to ensure continuity. Policy in line; provide training and self-development opportunities for our employees, their productivity by creating career paths that maximize the long way to nourish us in our veins. Erat Telecom; at this point that our company culture and the basic principles to be adopted by all of our employees, especially our all employees, including senior management staff themselves open to continuous learning and development, including tutmalarıdır.baş this policy; All our human resources practices, according to the terms of the day to review, update, and thus a dynamic structure holding the basic policy is to ensure continuous improvement.

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